Farm Houses Near Williamson Music Barn – A Tale of Old Tanks

We were hired to pump two tanks near The Music Barn in Williamson Georgia. For those of you not familiar with the area, Williamson is located off of GA 362 in between Griffin and Senoia almost directly south of Fayetteville.

Both septic tanks were of older design and were attached to older houses. Septic tanks like these should be pumped more often in order to protect the already aged drain field.

The first house, located furthest from Williamson Road, had an old-style septic tank. The septic tank had no baffles or filter. Furthermore, the septic tank only had a single chamber with one massive lid. The lid was over 4 feet in length and required the use of a pry bar, not shown, to move enough so that the septic tank could be fully pumped.